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The History of Projector Light Sources

Towards the end of this year, Norxe AS of Norway, a leading projector manufacturer, will be demonstrating one of the first 4K RGB pure laser projectors in the world. This will take place at White Light Pictures’ reference cinema. Projectors … Read More

Local Radio Interview – Metropole Theatre – 1980s

The following radio programme presented on local radio in the early 1980s, feature interviews with Raymond A. Grech, founder of White Light Pictures Ltd, and Joseph Anastasi who both worked at the Metropole Theatre in Birkirkara until its closure in … Read More

5 of the top film directors of all time

It’s not an easy question when you love so many movies and you are asked which is your favourite one. The same question is similarly difficult when it’s about the top directors. Given as to how many good film directors … Read More