The recording studio is part of our business premises which apart from the recording studio, also hosts a private screening room, spacious bar and conference room. The recording studio can be booked seperately or included as a package with all other areas.


We can accomodate for a wide variety of recordings on request, an example of what we can accomodate is found below:

  • Narration Recording
  • Production Sound Recording/Mixing
  • Upmixing / Downmixing
  • Audio Book Recording

Record Your Recording

If you want to get your recording session recorded on video, we are certainly able to offer that service and we'll also edit and compile the recording ourselves. A perfect way for your fans to get a behind the scenes look at your work, getting the human side of a project is something they will surely appreciate.

Additional Services

We can offer an added service of having catering brought to you or a personal "concierge" service, so you can concentrate on your work without any interruption.
Hospitality is something we believe in and we make it a high priority, as we want you to feel comfortable whilst working on your project.