Specifications Writing

Designed for each particular clients' scenarios, we analyse all the room dimensions and the client's specific needs to formulate a concise plan for both builders, architects and installers. Our detailed manual will provide a plan on which to maximize the theatre's functionality whilst ensuring that the space is as comfortable as can be.

Architectural Design

For larger projects, every detail is important to ensure the best possible use of the space available. We analyse the plans for bigger projects to ensure best building practices, taking into consideration acoustics and insulation to minimize alterations further along the project, which will decrease costs in the long run whilst achieving higher quality.


Acoustics is a very delicate and precise process, in which every item that goes into the theatre must be carefully considered in relation with the overall acoustic calculation. We will analyse each piece of equipment that will go into the theatre and provide an exact measurement of the acoustic treatment required and actions to be considered going forward, both before and after a project completion.

Financial Considerations

Taking in consideration your budget and the space available, we will make sure that all the equipment proposed will be the best combination of cost that fits your intended budget and quality, inline with our analysis of the area.


Apart from cinema consultation, we can also offer consultancy with regards to the common areas between cinema and auditoriums of acoustics and insulation. We feel these two fields are lacking in Malta and we are keen to be the best consultants on these subjects.


We have 25 years experience in the cinema industry, our senior members have all the necessary skills to advise on any project which is cinema related and they know how to adapt and find the best solution, which comes from years of seeing different implementations and understanding the exact theory behind each item.