We offer a wide variety of audio equipment, offering the newest equipment to give you the best value for your money. We have both small and medium format loudspeakers, together with high powered amplification.
A large range of microphones, conference systems and DJ mixers among others are also available for hire.


Affordable lighting and special effects can be hired, from ambience and effects lighting to high level light shows. Power management and distribution is included.


Video presentations, conferences, productions and entertainment broadcasts and enhancments are catered for with the latest equipment and the best brands. Equipment is available to cater a wide range of video from promotional signage to large sports projections. These video capabilities can be integrated with audio and lighting systems.


With our experience in the audiovisual equipment hiring industry, we have done all sorts of installations, so you are sure that any project you need done can be serviced and attention to detail given.


We offer a wide range of audiovisual hiring equipment, catering for a wide variety of events from the small meeting to the large concert or conference. These hires can be either for the short-term or the long-term.


We have 25 years experience in the audiovisual hiring industry, giving you ease of mind that the best possible solution at the cheapest price will be given, whilst ensuring that delivery and installation will be done in time and without any problems.