Private Events

Equipped with the latest video game titles for PC, Xbox and Playstation, we provide an opportunity to experience the game you and your friends always wanted to play on the big screen, in a more homely atmosphere. Experience better sound, bigger picture and comfortable seating, serious and casual gamers alike.

Corporate Events

Organise a different night out for your employees whilst bringing out their competitive spirit with a gaming night. The bar will host the less gaming-inclined employees to socialize whilst the screening room will entertain the braver colleagues. We will help you in choosing the right game and setup to host your employees, making sure that everyone will be interested and engaged.

eSports Tournaments

eSports is one of the biggest phenomenons that has been increasing in popularity over the last years. We at White Light Pictures recognize that this new type of entertainment is becoming even more mainstream and want to support and accomodate the scene. In our screening room and adjoining bar, small tournaments can be organised regularly, with the required network capabilities available to provide quick response times. The audience, which can be composed of up to 24 people, can see the action on the big screen whilst supporting their favorite team. A booth on top of the room can be used for administration, commentating and streaming of the event. The live action can be streamed simulataneously on the TV screen in the bar, so that bar goers will not miss any of the action. Contact us and we can speak more on how to organise such an event.


With the space available in front of our 24 seats in the screening room, we are able to accomodate both games which require some space (such as Rock Band / VR or Wii), or use the same space to setup an eSports style setup with computers on each side facing each other. For private events the seating in the front can be used for players whilst the seating in the back accomodates the spectators.


For all events we offer packages with finger foods and drink. Part of the bar area can also be used to accomodate a booth for your team to sell merchandise. Drinks are sold at the bar at very reasonable prices. If you have any other request, we are always ready to discuss and accomodate as much as we can.